About Genie Pro® Foot Guard

Genie Pro® Foot Guards are a revolutionary metatarsal foot guard technology (patent pending) that were created for the ‘MOTIVATED’ athlete in cleats seeking the extra ‘oomph’ in SAFETY and PERFORMANCE! ( Go to Gallery Page for testing)

THE GOAL: Advancing the standard of soccer, American Football, Rugby or Lacrosse making the game SAFER, without compromising on PERFORMANCE.

Read on statistics on foot and ankle injuries further below!

20160527_101718 Professor David Barrett, a knee and sports injury specialist at Southampton General Hospital, states the following; “The high-technology footwear trend can cause the dreaded metatarsal injury.” “Orthopaedic surgeons are seeing a lot more metatarsal injuries in patients of the kind David Beckham and Wayne Rooney have suffered in the past – and that is because of lightweight boots.” ”The introduction of this kind of footwear came about because professional footballers, particularly strikers, wanted boots as lightweight as possible for foot speed. This means when they kick through, the lighter the foot is, the easier it is for them to move it.”The result is the players have got no protection at all – put simply, lightweight footwear equals metatarsal fractures.”’Local players should avoid lightweight boots because it is not worth putting aesthetics before protection,” he explained. “Amateur footballers should not copy their World Cup heroes and play in lightweight boots because they are causing feet fractures.’‘Usually, they are working men and having to deal with a broken foot is the last thing they need in life.

THE STORY BEHIND THE PRODUCT: This product was conceived and developed by a medical doctor who loved playing recreational soccer but unfortunately quit playing after sustaining a foot injury. As a result, he realized that if dangerous hard studs under boots are necessary, then a defensive guard is absolutely necessary to help protect the most exposed area of the foot, the metatarsals, from accidental injury from these same studs. As a family man, he watched and mentored his children in the art of kicking balls correctly as they grew up playing recreational soccer and he was present at many of their games. As a problem solver, he had to do everything possible to merge safety with performance in a cost effective way, so that the final product, would work well for everyone with no detrimental effects on performance. Since the foot guard extended over the metatarsal area of the foot, and would invariably contact part of the ball during the course of play, it was absolutely imperative that during the brief contact period with the ball, it would not affect ball control negatively, or no player would ever opt to use it. After many prototypes and multiple testing his final design Genie Pro® was ready for production. 

 Our company encourages all professional players to try these foot guards and lead the way into the future, leading by example.





  • 1) Regarding lower leg fractures, an epidemiologic study reported foot fractures in 2nd place after ankle fractures.

  • Ankle Fractures: 36%  

  • Foot Fractures: 33% 

  • Tibial(shin) Fracture: 22% 

  • The incidence in competition or match injuries is on average 4-6 times higher than during training sessions.  

  • 2) 60% of soccer players eventually present with anterior ankle impingement syndrome (Footballers Ankle) because of repetitive impact causing microtrauma to the anterior aspect of the ankle and repeated ankle extremes of motion (either up or down). Players develop anterior pain with ankle movement and swelling of the area. Based on the mechanism behind these injuries, Genie Pro®  can help reduce the incidence of this occurrence due to the benefits of this safe design. By buffering the jarring impacts during power kicks as well as reducing the extremes of motion and improving the biomechanics during power shots, the cumulative damage overtime will be significantly less.  This will at least help delay the  onset and reduce the incidence of this phenomenon in soccer players and footballers over time. 

  • 3) Direct Contact accounts for half of all injuries in soccer. Over 30% of severe foot and ankle injuries are due to metatarsal injury and fractures. Genie Pro® Foot Guards are your best line of ‘METATARSAL’ defence and your absolute best friend when you need them the most.

  • Wherever sport boots with studs are present, be it in Soccer, American Football, Rugby or even Lacrosse, there is always a risk of getting cleated over the foot area, or an accidental kick into the sole/studs of an opposing player.

  •  After sustaining a metatarsal fracture to his foot, David Beckham was out of the league for 7 weeks, Wayne Rooney was out for 14 weeks, Steven Gerrard out for 10 weeks, Gary Neville was out for 21 weeks, Ashley Cole out 12 weeks, Michael Owens out 17 weeks, John 

Terry …… the list goes on and on. These are the simple facts. There are several mechanisms that can cause debilitating painful metatarsal injuries. Genie Pro® Foot Guard Technology cannot prevent fractures caused by excessive rotational forces or overuse injury, but can be instrumental in protecting tissues against a direct crushing blow over the foot . As a result, it is an absolute necessity for any 21st century player seeking safety in this area. Our defence shield is designed so as not to encumber upon the players abilities but rather working in full cohesion with the players needs. This is a matter of necessity, utility  and design.


metatarsal fxPicture shows a metatarsal fracture

Endorsed by Orthopedic Surgeon and sports injury expert Dr O’Grady of the world famous Andrews Institute of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA. Below is the official review and endorsement:




With Genie Pro®,  there will be simply no regrets, and questions like  “why did this happen to me ? ” or “what if ? ”  will simply be less frequent.  Genie Pro® may feel insignificant to some players but to some motivated ones, it will be a God sent. Safety and Performance will ever be present especially when the player needs it. shutterstock_114048823

Genie Pro® Foot Guard belongs to Non basic Equipment under FIFA’s Law 4:

 Genie Pro® Foot Guard is the latest protective equipment available to the footballer. They are not dangerous but protective.


New generation soccer boots have been  striving to attain lightweight dominance with very snug lightweight boots so as to improve ball touch, control and ultimately enabling better performance and more GOALS!  Our Foot Guards when placed over the metatarsals on the top surface of these sport boots do not compromise on this very important feature, but simply add on to the experience by allowing players to kick with confidence and without fear from being cleated over the foot. Also, confidence builds quickly when using the suggested 3-Zonal Kicking Techniques. These techniques when used consistently, will ultimately result in improved ball control, accuracy and power. 

Genie Pro® Foot Guard Technology is sleek enough and light weight enough (1.7ounces) that it does not hamper the players agility, foot speed, ball control, safety and performance.

 Simply practice then play in Genie Pro® at all times to reap all the benefits. Soccer Genie Pro® Foot Guards do not require the player to re-learn the art of kicking as most players will intuitively be able to use their original skill-set to confidently kick balls.

Like everything else in life, an adaptation period may be necessary to get the sweet feel for things that can be gratifying. Like everything else in life, this technology requires an open mindset, patience and the desire to embrace evolution, safety and self improvement.


WARNING: Following these tips consistently could  boost your accuracy by an average of 50%. 

We recommend the  3 zonal kicking technique. For most players, this simplifies the art of kicking by dividing the kicking areas on the foot into Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3.

Zone 1 is the main area on the very top middle aspect of the foot or instep over the sport boot (or the foot guard) that also correlates to the portion of your foot located over the metatarsals.

Zone 2 is the area closer to the front area of the sport boot (or the foot guard) and the front end of your foot.

Zone 3 is the area on the sides of the sport boot or of the foot guard, or the sides of your foot.





By consiously processing the kicking areas into 3 zones and selecting the right option prior to kicking, will help to develop your accuracy.  Like everything else in life, the key is ‘PRACTICE’ as this allows the player to obtain the feel and adjust accordingly to perfect their own technique. Because this same logic of thinking automatically prevails when playing in boots without a Genie Pro attached, this is intuitively an easy transition for players.

Please see directions (included in package)  and watch promotional demo video to understand the utility and simplicity of the 3 kicking zones. The tutorial is meant for all players (professional or amateur), and gives simple tips for best results at kicking. Safety benefits are present automatically at all times however a players performance will be user dependent, depending on inherent skill level and how much practice time spent adapting to Genie Pro. As we all know, practice makes perfect.    

Enjoy the video below. Many of these situations could certainly improve after a player has comfortably adjusted to their Genie Pro®Foot Guards, thereby elevating the level of excitement of this wonderful sport.



Now, you too can experience improved all weather kicking comfort during your high power shots. Excellent product design dampens and redistributes the forces transmitted to the foot without dampening the recoil of the ball. This improves all weather player comfort and power during a high power kick.

Enjoy your Genie Pro®!

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