Can soccer get any better?

Yes, absolutely! Genie Pro® Foot Guard Technology was developed to meet high standards and expectations and can definitely improve the sport of soccer for the better. Play your part and get your personal Genie Pro® today.


*Optional choice for all players. Every player can make an informed choice whether or not they would like to reap extra safety benefits from this metatarsal guard and wether or not it will work well for them.

*Effortless Transition; Genie Pro® requires minimal effort on the part of the user to adjust to. Just play like you usually do and you will automatically adapt to this product.                                    

*The product design is reasonably stylish, offering a futuristic sleek and un-obtrusive design.

*Genie Pro® Foot Guard Technology is not simply a cushion pad that would feel awkward and hamper the players ability. Excellent design allows for both buffering of the metatarsal area as well as great ball handling characteristics. With practice, each player can harness the MAXIMUM POTENTIAL of their skill level contributing to improved performance and increased growth of the sport.

*By following the 3-Zonal Kicking Techniques and Tips, one could potentially acheive an average of 50% improvement in ACCURACY, depending on the players inherent skill level and their ability to practice and follow the recommendations provided.

*This is a professional grade universal foot guard, however, every soccer player, football player, rugby player, lacrosse player, beginner, amateur or even a professional can benefit from this technology.

*State of the art manufacturing techniques and materials used result in a product that is very lightweight, weighing in at 1.7ounces, thereby not affecting the overall light weight qualities of your sport boot. Yet this protection barrier is very durable and compliant designed specifically for the top of the foot and underlying bones, acheiving its goal without compromising on function.



Why Not? Every sport should have SAFETY and PERFORMANCE as the cornerstones of their very existence. Every single professional and even amateur player craves the very best gear or equipment offered by the industry to help achieve maximum safety, productivity and performance. Genie Pro Foot Guard Technology has been manufactured to very high standards and specifications meeting a standard good enough for professional players. 

 Genie Pro® Foot Guard Technology is exactly what fans, players and soccer organizations need to be promoting in order to experience rapid positive growth of the sport.

 In general, there are many things that can be done to help elevate the sport of soccer.


The 3 simple solutions listed below can definitely help elevate soccer to new heights. FIFA, fans, soccer players, please take notice, and be instrumental in helping evolve this sport further, any which way you can!!

1) The easy one is Genie Pro® Technology which is now being offered to every interested player anywhere, on demand and by order. Place your order today!

2) The second is implementing a technology like Instant Replay together with a Challenge System as used in some other sporting events. Even though this should not be difficult to do, the forces that be keep resisting this common sense approach in favor of archaic traditional soccer values.  In today’s world it is possible and absolutely necessary  to try to  eliminate all negative tendencies that ruin the interest in the sport and ultimately boost positive growth. Technology is being used in various other sporting events yet soccer has simply not adopted any definitive measures. In soccer, this is a matter of urgency and definitely requires strong leadership to execute on a wide scale. A wide majority of fans all over the world simply hate injustice.

Referees sometimes make mistakes and technology is needed to aid them when there is a question of doubt. Other sporting events like Tennis, American Football and Volleyball have all adopted technology to help make their sporting events fairer and better. Change certainly has to start somewhere.                                                                                                  

3) The 3rd and final proposal will require great leadership from FIFA : Implementing some changes to the offside rule to promote more offensive soccer. This is a no brainer but nobody seems to be discussing and promoting changes to this rule. For more on this topic, read further below under ‘Changing the Offside Rule.’

Finally, the time has come for serious and motivated athletes to have one of the 3 options proposed above. We bring to you Genie Pro® Foot Guard Technology. Just strap it on and perform to your maximum possible potential without fear of injury and let the fans enjoy..


 If you think soccer is big now, think again. With your help, soccer is about to EXPLODE!  Lets all stand united and contribute towards making this game of soccer bigger and better than ever before. Simply encourage your team members to do the right thing and  gear up with Genie Pro® Foot Guard Technology !


CAN CHANGING THE OFFSIDE RULE HELP IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF SOCCER ? The author being a scientist/ physician, inventor/entrepreneur, experimental aircraft builder and sport pilot as well as a recreational soccer player in his younger days has a unique perspective to comment on this issue, as he lived and studied and played some soccer in traditionally strong soccer loving nations (Ghana and Russia), eventually migrating to the USA, where soccer is frequently looked at as being boring. As a result, he had no choice but embrace the different views trying to make sense of the status quo. These are his thoughts and the results of his analysis:  

I humbly succumb to the realization that soccer could indeed benefit from some changes. Soccer is a fun sport but what if it could be made even better with a few simple changes. All proponents of the sport who advocate for the offside rule should please take a moment to read the points layed out below and try to open up your minds and see things objectively. After all, if soccer can indeed become more interesting through a few simple changes, then we should all be in this together.

In life, compromises are always necessary for progressive development and evolution. People will never agree unanimously on anything, so leaders are indeed needed to push forward radical common sense ideas that will obviously make a positive difference. That’s what soccer needs today!

After careful analysis of the game of soccer and other field games, I have concluded that soccer can indeed do better, despite the current seemingly thriving scene. Here are some points that help make my case:

If goals in general are what makes the fans excited and exciting games are what makes fans want to watch the game and buy tickets, then the objective for FIFA is to promote more offensive play so there can be more goals. This is logical and very important to understand. Anyone who wants to see soccer explode in growth as a sport will agree that any small change that can increase the interest level of the sport will ultimately boost the growth of the sport significantly, and this is in everyone’s interest. This would be a win-win situation for the sport as a whole and should definitely be explored.

What is more exciting?

A boring game that ends in a zero-zero goalless draw with frequent stoppages, or a dynamic game with lots more goals and less stoppages? Lets ask our fans if there are any doubts.

I vote for more exciting just like many others would.

The spirit of excitement that comes with more goal scoring will indeed attract more of the youth to want to be involved in the sport, and also want to become soccer stars, ramping the sport up a few notches on the interest scale. Fans who in one way or the other pay money to support the sport simply love action packed soccer with more goals. Fathers, mothers, fans and supporters love to see their favorite players score goals and see an exciting action packed game. Everyone loves goals. It’s that simple. More goal scoring will DEFINITELY grow the sport even more. The argument that soccer is interesting even with a few goals or even when no goals are scored is a valid one, however it is also true that a more dynamic game that brings with it a lot more goals makes the game even more interesting to the fans. Most fans who leave a game that ends with a goalless draw leave the game with some level of dissatisfaction. Now this is a FACT. Why doesn’t FIFA help initiate changes that can be instrumental in reducing the likelihood of that occurring? The current rules promote more defensive play and less goals by virtue of the play limiting, excitement quenching offside rule. Take a moment to think about how the offside rule actually affects play. A moment of swift attack is suddenly cut short. Yes, by the whistle and yes, it’s another offside. What just happened? An exciting moment was indeed interrupted. Why? Because of the excitement quenching Offside Rule.

The current ‘Offside Rule’ can definitely benefit from some degree of modification or tweeking and could even be potentially abolished. Yes, there will be ‘traditionalists’ who will oppose this move but ultimately, FIFA needs to do what is best for this sport to grow even more and please the fans even more thereby making soccer the number one sport globally including even in the USA. It is however extremely unlikely this rule will ever be abolished however in the bare minimum, and  hopefully in my lifetime it will be modified. As it stands, the sport is growing significantly in the USA but can still do much better.

There are many people who simply find it difficult to accept change, and simply cannot and will not envision the game of soccer without the offside rule. However, this is indeed food for thought for everyone. Soccer Genie Pro Technology LLC is convinced that the simple measures we have proposed will do wonderful things for the sport. We hope FIFA can take notice and do whatever it takes to improve the sport. The ‘Offside Rule’ could indeed be an outdated rule preventing soccer from making that much needed leap into the 21st century that it desperately needs. The world keeps evolving and the time is ripe for some updates to this rule. Without great innovators, visionaries and leaders, man would still be in the stone ages. The time is ripe for the organization FIFA to be proactive in promoting changes that actually propel soccer forward. Here in America, where American Football reigns supreme, soccer simply needs to do much more to be more popular as a sport. This maybe exactly the reason why the popularity of a product like Genie Pro®, should be encouraged by coaches, players, fans, soccer moms and soccer dads and will likely take hold and thrive initially in America, then the rest of the world. Genie Pro® Technology is available to all players worldwide. Our soccer leaders in the USA have a lot of work to do to make soccer more mainstream than it currently is. In Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, soccer is traditionally the main competitive sport attracting millions of fans and as such, is accepted ‘AS IS’ no matter what, boring with few goals or not. There has simply been no reason for change. In the USA, soccer is in competition with many other big league sports and therefore could be exactly the reason why soccer needs to push even further and evolve further by creating more exciting soccer. Any amount of growth, however small would be a win-win for the sport as a whole, and should be fully encouraged by the authorities. Evolution in any sport incorporates improvements is safety and performance and should definitely be encouraged. In recent years, athletes are more fit, run faster, and soccer is simply more competitive than ever before. The rules have to change accordingly to accomodate more talented players and promote all they have to offer. Players simply need less restrictions and disruptive whistles to limit them from displaying their incredible skills and their maximum potential skill level. There is no reason for bad calls by referees in todays technologically advanced age where instant replay and hi-tech communication devices exist. A panel of 3 reviewing a monitor somewhere off the field can quickly relay the final decision to the referee on the field whenever there is a questionable call, and a challenge requested by one of the teams, can be honored in a dignified time-sparing way. Stopping the game because someone was supposedly out of position is quite a common occurence. This frequently happens when the game is developing into a very exciting moment. So why have a rule to stop this excitement from building even further into a climax, when the whole point of a game is to create great excitement amongst the fans? Well, the excitement quenching ‘Offside rule’ does exactly that. It simply stops all the excitement from building up, and leads to controversy and dissatisfied fans. In fact, sometimes, an offside is called out almost at the center of the field, when a classic offside trap is performed. Why is this even allowed? At the bare minimum, it should be effective at a set point much closer to the goal. Common sense should tell us this rule needs amending, and very urgently, especially if we want to boost interest in this game so it actually becomes more explosive, as if on steroids. This rule absolutely needs some degree of revision since it slows down a fast moving offense effort.

What do the fans want?

The fans simply don’t appreciate bad and unnecessary disruptions to an otherwise beautiful game. Soccer rules have to change to promote beautiful free flowing dynamic fast paced soccer instead of encouraging frequent disruptions of a well ochestrated attacking game in progress.

Let’s learn from history. ‘The Offside Rule’ in field hockey was abolished in 1998 after a trial period of two years. This move has been credited with making the game of hockey much more exciting and free-flowing. Why not for soccer? Some say these are 2 different sports and have no correlation with one another. Very wrong indeed. Incidentally, I’m in a great position to comment about this as I myself played both of these sports as a teenager. Both soccer and field hockey actually bear a lot of similarities despite the obvious differences in equipment, goal sizes and other subtle differences. There are 11 players on each side just like soccer. There are defenders, offense-specific players and midfielders in both. Both are played on a field with the same objective of scoring as many goals as possible whilst defending their own goal. Equipment used , even though different are a soccer shoe, the other a hockey stick, and both are used to hit/shoot a round ball at a goal. One ball is larger than the other but they are indeed both round balls with the same objective in mind, scoring as many goals as possible. If one can look past the subtle differences between the two, one will realize there are many more similarities despite their differences.

Soccer can definitely borrow and benefit from lessons learnt from field hockey.

It simply requires great leadership, an open mind set and the desire of leadership to execute change while examining all options and ideas presented to them. Once decisions are made, implementation would quickly follow and would be quickly accepted by the fans and players and boost the interest in the sport.

So, why has soccer not done away with or simply modified the ‘Offside Rule’? The answer is probably as simple as why change something that seems to work well. To that I would say, why does man constantly seek to innovate and improve things? Why don’t we all simply stick with what we know and stop aspiring to do better? The moment we stop aspiring to do better, is the moment we as a people stop progressing as nations. Generally, traditional values tend to hold people back from accepting change and moving forward.

In my opinion, it’s imperative to evolve despite old traditions, learn from history (field hockey) and improve ourselves as we evolve as a species. Get rid of outdated principles, embrace new ones and encourage growth and performance. If not, we are all at risk of staying underdeveloped and narrow minded, while others who do embrace change begin to outperform.

FIFA should be the body instrumental in effecting positive change. If in doubt about our theory on modification to the rule, FIFA could perform a trial run, just like the hockey industry did. This move would indicate that it is dedicated to improving this sport, however, this would require strong leadership. How best than to draw even more interest to the sport by performing a test run leading to the 2018 world cup games, then deciding which is best. Some say soccer games without offsides are at risk for goal hangers. This doesn’t seem to have affected the game of hockey negatively, however, to prevent goal hangers the rules can still be modified in many ways.

One Proposal: making the offside rule kick in only at a minimum set point that is much closer to the opponents goal. Also, it is IMPERATIVE that an offside is called only if the attacker is VERY CLEARLY, by a very significant and wide margin ahead of the second to the last defender(goalie), when the pass is initiated, for it to be called an offside. The offside rule should NEVER be invoked when ONLY part of the attackers body is ahead of the second to last defenders body. The burden HAS TO BE ON THE DEFENSE to work harder against a quick moving offense, and NOT to WORK LESS. The offside trap is a clear example of why it needs to be changed. If the defenders, by SLIGHTLY stepping forward (very little work exerted) ahead of a running offender( lots of work being exerted), at the right time, is all it takes to place the offender in an offside position, then that is clearly disruptive to the smooth flow of the game as this is a set up for the whistle to blow.

The Offside Rule in its current configuration is counter productive in helping make soccer bigger and better than ever before. We strongly propose changing it. What is very clear is that the current ‘Offside Rule’ creates

1) a lot of controversial calls

2) lazy defending,

3) disrupts dynamic and bold offending and slows down the game as well as

4) absolutely promotes less goals from being scored.

None of these is a good thing for the sport.

I do hope that eventually, common sense will prevail on this issue. I would love to see soccer at it’s very best and we soccer lovers should strive for that. I hope this article helps create the vision of a better, brighter more exciting future for soccer.

If soccer is exciting now,

*Imagine what it could be if reform brought with it more quality strikes at goal as well as more quality defending.

* Imagine if defenders had no offside-trap options and had no choice but to actually chase a fast attacking player. Simply the best bang for the buck for all soccer fans to enjoy.

Ask yourself this determining question;

If a poll were taken amongst soccer enthusiasts, without mention of the word ‘OFFSIDE RULE’ ( in order to eliminate traditional preference bias), and a vote is taken to choose between:

1) A rule that supports sweet flowing more attack oriented, less disruptive soccer (resulting in more goals)


2) A rule that supports more defensive play, promotes frequent disruptions during the course of the game and punishes a more aggressive and quick offending team resulting in less goals being scored.

What would the result likely be?

That result of this poll would give FIFA a clear reason to move forward and institute positive change in the sport.

Defenders are paid to defend, so let them do their work, and work hard, instead of having an overly protective offside rule that shields them significantly from a fast moving attacking team.

I sincerely encourage FIFA to make some decisions and be more pro-active in instituting positive and meaningful change which can enhance the excitement factor and thereby the quality of this sport that we all love.

According to the Washington Post, 28% of Americans consider themselves fans of pro soccer. This demographic is on track to change with time and much more rapidly if FIFA follows some of our suggestions. Nothing wrong with the current standard of soccer, however, evolution in soccer is expected, should be encouraged and could definitely make the game even better.


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